Online casino software

What’s the most important thing about an online casino? Yes, the website has to be elegant and user-friendly, but the most important part of any online casino is its casino software.

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No matter how good or bad the design is, an online casino with the best casino software will always attract customers.

Software is the foundation of any online casino

It is obvious that players may easily change their mind about playing at one casino and choose another one if they are not happy with the poor quality of the casino website or slow banking transactions. Online casino operators should consider these key factors and partner with leading and time-tested casino gaming software companies.

Operators invest a lot of time as well as capital to offer faster loading games and a variety of fast and secure payment and withdrawal methods. Moreover, it often happens when customers have technical problems with their bank transactions, in which case the operators offer the option to contact the support team immediately.

Operators have to meet all the needs of their customers if they want to attract and retain them, but how to implement this? Online casino owners either improve the software product themselves or make deals with leading casino software solutions developers. There are no prizes for guessing that the first option requires more effort and expense. It can be assumed that you are familiar with the following top-notch developers

Online gambling solutions

The online gambling industry has shown good development results in recent years. According to various surveys, 51% of the world’s population takes part in online gambling or some other type of gambling every year. This fact makes online gambling websites very lucrative.

During the last 8 years, the online gambling market share has increased by an average of 23% annually. Betting, casino and poker games are among the largest segment of the online gaming sector. The accessibility of internet and new groups of players have provided the market with a great opportunity and have triggered the rapid growth of the online gambling industry.

The online gambling market consists of three main players:

  • Online casino software platform providers;
  • Online gambling operators;
  • End users (players).

To stay ahead of the fast-paced online gambling technology, gaming operators must constantly come up with new ideas and ingenious solutions to attract players.

Casino game software and poker must support all major payment systems for payment processing and guarantee the security and protection of customers’ personal and financial information.

Providing you with a comprehensive, feature-rich online casino gaming software solution guarantees a feature-rich, reliable and secure online casino website that has the following features:

  • Extended functionality;
  • Ease of use;
  • High speed of processing requests;
  • Safety and security of all user transactions;
  • Advanced customization to meet all user needs and budgets.

Casino software companies are becoming more and more advanced every day, creating adaptable and flexible versions of software that meet the preferences of different users.

The complex basics of casino gaming software are cleverly disguised by interface elements that are meant to be as intuitive and attractive as possible. In this way, players return again and again, and are fully adaptable to different operating systems and screen sizes.

How online casino software works

Slot machines with online casino software work on the basis of a random number generator. A special algorithm determines the combinations that appear on the playing field, so the player’s winning bet is recorded.

Each slot has its own characteristics, including software. You can read about it on the official website of the developer: it provides information about the gameplay, lot size, odds, maximum winnings and allowed betting limits.

For example, the profitability of this or that machine is characterized by the RTP indicator (acronym for Return to Player). These numbers clearly show the allowed percentage of funds that an online casino can keep.

Who leads the way in online casino software

The first online gambling sites appeared in the early 2000s. Newly established companies started to quickly develop software for virtual gambling establishments.

As an example, the Swedish company Net Entertainment, founded in 1996, continues to be a major player in the rating agencies. In Sweden, the products of the company are still considered the most favorable, they use the Online casino bonus software “pooled jackpot” system. The profits from the developed games contribute to the jackpot. For players, the high RTP is another important characteristic of NetEnt gambling software.

In the online casino software list of the biggest players in slot game development in the online casino space is Quickspin. In 2011, the company was established to develop games that would be optimised for online use, and in 2016, it was acquired by Playtech, one of the leading names in the industry. Quickspin’s gaming products include video slots, BlackJack games and video lottery-based games. One of the unique selling points of Quickspin’s products is their modern, user- friendly graphical interfaces. They also offer high Return on Investment (ROI) rates, which mean that players stand a good chance of coming out on top. Also in the rating of reputable best casino software online are Microgaming, Novomatic, Yggdrasil.